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Posted by dmon83 - July 30th, 2009

i love my two daughters my oldest Ivee & my youngest Jade are both crazy lil girlz. They are only 3 and 2 so they like to get in to everything. After i clean up the house both of them just love to destroy it, while in the bath tub they throw water on the floor and laugh @ it. It don't bother me the're just babies they love that stuff. Ivee is the sweet sensitive type, she always wants to help me and is always creative, she is very smart cause she always figures things out without me showing her. And then there's Jade my little mischivous daredevil, she always does what she wants and only listens when she wants to. She's smart in her own way and is always willing to try everything, but she has a crazy little temper that little witch, but i love both of them & I will do anything for them. I know that Ima be a good father to them and I know that they will love me 4ever. It's been a crazy life changing experience, I went from being a single young guy that partied with his friends to all of a sudden being a young father with my wife also a young mother, thats when reality hit us and told us that we were put together for a reason, cause everything happenes for a reason, thats whats crazy about life, but anywayz I know that I have to do good 4 them cause if dont then who will, thats whats crazy about it its that now you got a responsibilitybut for me I got two responsibilities to take care of, it's not about me anymore. The sucky part of it is that i just lost my job the day after Michael Jackson died, i got fired after being there for 2 years, my bullshit managers who i thought were cool with me backstabbed me those F@#%ing bastards, but karma's a bitch. But yeah im living the hard life right now collecting unemployment, but @least my chick has a job she's a collector for student loans and she makes bank with her checks & commission, we have our own apartment, our own car, and we dont depend on anyone, thats what makes it easier for us that our daughters have stability. Its been a crazy life experience with everything going on, but its only just begining, i feel like I'm going through little fazes in life and thats how i learn from it, thats how i mature and become even more wize, but i guess I still have alot to learn, so I'm just gonna be myself and just ride it out. Till next PEACE OUT everybody.


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Is Newgrounds the right place for this? No offense, but is it?
Well I guess its everything by everyone.